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  • Technology :Weight or Mass flow
  • Speed : From 2 500 to 40 000 bph 
  • Volume : From 80 ml to 5 litres
  • Containers : PET or HDPE bottles
  • Configuration : Stand alone, Monobloc or Combi

Hema Quatro Care


  • Speed : Up to 40 000 bph
  • Caps : Snap-on, screw-on, pump or trigger.

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Personal Care Products

All types of liquid or viscous products: shampoo, shower gel, lotions, etc.

What do shampoo, creams and shower gel have in common? A certain complexity!

They can have a variety of features (viscous, foaming, stringy), different types of containers and from the simplest to the most complicated caps, also, different material for the containers (PEHD, PET, etc.), or more and more elaborate decoration (sticky labels, all-over sleeve). The line equipment needs to be able to meet these present or future challenges.

Hema is a long-time player in this constantly changing arena and partner to several leading brands. Our filling and capping solutions meet the needs of this demanding market.

Whether autonomous, synchronised or integrated within a complete line, Hema fillers offer a choice of weight-filling or mass flow technologies, as well as a variety of capping configurations (screw-on cap, snap-on cap, pump, spray cap, etc.).

There’s no need for you to let the complexity of your products be a barrier to the efficiency of your operations. Hema is well-positioned to be your partner to success.


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