Hema Sauces and Dressings Products (mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, dressings) , filler, capper, complete lines

Sauces, Ketchup, Mustard, Dressings, Mayonnaise,…

Our Solutions

Electronic filling

  • Technology : Weight, Volumetric Electronic or Mass flow
  • Speed : From 3 600 to 40 000 bph 
  • Volume : From 80 ml to 5 litres
  • Containers : PET, HDPE, Metal or Glass
  • Configuration : Stand alone, Monobloc or Combi

Hema Quatro Nutri

Mechanical filling

Hema Volufill filler Food Products

  • Technology : Mechanical Volumetric
  • Speed : From 3 600 to 40 000 bph
  • Volume : From 25 ml to 1.2 litres
  • Containers : PET, HDPE, Metal or Glass
  • Configuration : Stand alone or Monobloc

Hema Volufill


  • Speed : Up to 40 000 bph
  • Caps : snap-on, screw-on, pump or trigger.

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Sauces and dressings

All types of hot, cold, thick, liquid, particulated or non-particulated sauces and dressings

Barbecue, Pasta or Chinese sauces, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard, Dressings and Vinegars;  there is a world of sauces on the market. What makes one product more successful than another depends on such criteria as its inherent qualities – a key factor for the consumer, as well as its packaging, size and the integrity of the sauces pieces.

The filling of sauces or dressings calls for Hema‘s expertise. We can help you make that difference with our variety of filling techniques dedicated to the sauces and dressings sector: volumetric, weight, mass flow filling technology, hot or room-temperature filling, screwed on or inserted cap, etc. We guarantee you clean filling, an environment meeting hygiene standards and total flexibility using quick tool changeovers.

Whatever packaging you choose, we can offer you several options to meet your quality requirements, such as bottom-fill device and anti-drip system, as well as different levels of cleaning, including angular collecting trough, CIP cleaning station, COP foam station, cap decontamination, etc.

We know best how to accompany you through every stage of your sauces or dressings project.


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