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Liquid Products

  • Technology : Mechanical Volumetric
  • Speed : From 3 600 to 40 000 bph
  • Volume : From 80 ml to 1.2 litres
  • Containers : PET, HDPE, Metal, Glass
  • Configuration : Stand alone or Monobloc

Hema Volufill

Pasty Products

  • Technology : Mechanical Volumetric
  • Speed : Up to 24 000 cph
  • Volume : From 30 ml to 2 litres
  • Filling : 1 to 2 heads
  • Containers : Metal, Glass or Plastic

Hema Canfill


  • Speed : Up to 40 000 bph
  • Caps : Snap-on, screw-on, pump or trigger.
  • LidsMetal or plastic

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Pre-prepared foods

Pre-prepared dishes with sauce and pieces

Pre-prepared and cooked foods are nutritional, quick and practical and they continue to develop to satisfy new consumer habits.

Thanks to Hema’s filling expertise in the area of products with pieces, products combining meat or fish, vegetables and sauces, we are able to meet your filling requirements.

Our proven know-how guarantees the integrity of your products with pieces and the respect of current hygiene standards, ensuring the food safety of your products.

Our filling quality and filling accuracy are the result of over 80 years of experience.

We also offer complete line solutions including packaging, capping, sterilisation, labeling, to help you optimise your production lines.

Hema shares its expertise with you to support you and your projects

Our teams are on hand to help you design the most appropriate plan to suit your needs.


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