A range of 4 electronic fillers available with 3 technologies:

  • weight filling
  • volumetric electronic filling
  • mass flow filling

Quatro Fillers are available in different configuration:

  • Stand alone 
  • Monobloc 
  • Tribloc 

Electronic Rotary Fillers

Based on the concept of modular systems, the range of Hema Quatro electronic fillers have been designed to respond to the specific demands of the markets they work with:

Conclusive benefits of Quatro electronic fillers

  • Electronic filling technology reaching unequalled levels of filling accuracy


  • Common frame for optimal hygiene


  • Technical design which adapts to different electronic filling technologies: weight, volumetric electronic or mass flow


  • Optimal electronic filling capacity for all 3 technologies, in terms of production speed efficiency and optimal use of space.


  • Common chassis design with a number of possible structures, allowing for the inclusion of numerous environmental options


  • Wide doors, allowing easy access to the filling and capping zone for easy maintenance or tool changeover


  • Quatro electronic fillers are equipped with a reduced-sized hopper and off-centered nozzles, ensuring minimal product loss between recipe changes.



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